Research conclusion of ball mill liner

- Apr 05, 2021-

(1) It is improper to use ordinary high manganese steel ZGMn13 as a ball mill liner. Because the work hardening degree of the liner in the ball mill is relatively low, the wear resistance of high manganese steel cannot be used well. (2) After the liner material has gone through the stages of ordinary high manganese steel, strengthened high manganese steel, alloy white iron, etc., the medium and low alloy steel liner has been well developed. (3) The alloying elements added to the medium and low alloy steel liner materials mainly include Cr, Mo, V, Ti, etc., aiming to refine the grains through them, promote the production of martensite, and generate high-hard carbides; and often supplementary Inoculated with RE and proper heat treatment, a strong martensite + lower bainite is formed with uniformly distributed high-hard alloy carbide pellets. Practice has proved that the material of this kind of organization is very excellent as a ball mill liner. (4) In order to reduce the loss of non-wear failure during the production and use of the liner, under the premise of ensuring the material ak=6~8J/cm2, the hardness should be controlled between HRC50~54.