Requirements for structural design of alloy steel castings

- Jun 08, 2020-

Alloy steel castings are used in a wide range. For so many people nowadays, it is mainly because of its better quality, so users are more cost-effective to use. In the final analysis, its design structure is more suitable for engineering use, so the product is in The design must conform to the following structure in order to bring out the performance of the product. Let's understand it together.

One, to facilitate the manufacture of models, core boxes and shapes:

1. The inner cavity of small mixers and U-shaped mixer castings should strive to not use or use less cores when casting. When cores are used, they should be convenient to support, fix and exhaust sand. If necessary, there should be enough Craft hole;

2. For structures such as the inner and outer sides of alloy steel castings and reinforcing ribs, there should be a certain structural slope in the direction of mold release;

3. The boss part on the casting should not be too different from the casting body. Try to use the same height and several bosses on the same surface that are close together, and try to connect them into a whole convex part.

4. The shape of the casting should be simple, so that it can be easily removed, and the parting surface of the casting should be flat and the number should be small;