Requirements for Lubrication of Alloy Steel Castings and methods for improving their quality

- Nov 27, 2018-

Method of improving casting quality of alloy steel

1. Alloy steel castings need to select and purchase raw materials to a certain extent correctly and strictly carry out the relevant process rules.

2. Adopt new technology, new process, new equipment, new material.

3. Strengthen the research on the application of computer technology in foundry production.

4. The mold with high hardness and uniformity was adopted in sand mold casting, and the corresponding technology and equipment were developed and popularized.

5. Develop new technology for liquid metal treatment and purification, optimize material properties.

6. The development of mechanized automation ensures the quality stability, uniformity and improvement of working conditions of castings.

7. Strengthen the research and application of foundry environmental protection equipment.

Requirements for lubrication of alloy steel castings

1. Its lubricating points are closed in principle, and the bearings in the wet section, from the slurry box to the press part, are cross-polluted by waterproofing and grease overflow with the sealed bearing housing.

2. For the dry section of alloy cast steel parts, because of the high temperature in operation, the central lubricating station is used to transport lubricating oil to various bearings to lubricate and dissipate heat, and the lubricating grease lubricating points at the wet end are often inspected by regular manual inspection. Lubricating system often refers to the central lubricating station of dry section and all transportation, oil supply pipeline and oil injection device.