Requirements and wide application of high chromium white iron castings

- Jan 20, 2019-

When pouring high chromium white iron castings, it should be timely to ignite the gas coming out of the casting mold, so as to avoid air holes caused by mold suffocation and damage to human health and air pollution caused by incomplete combustion of the gas.The casting speed of high chromium white iron should be selected correctly, that is, it should be poured slowly at the beginning to facilitate the alignment of the gate, reduce the impact of molten metal on the sand mold and facilitate gas discharge;Then rapid pouring, to prevent the cold, and before pouring should be slow pouring, that is to follow the principle of slow, fast, slow.

The ladle, pouring tool, inoculant and nodulizer used in pre-furnace treatment of high chromium white iron castings must be fully dried before use and can be used only after drying. The pouring personnel of high chromium white iron castings must wear working clothes and protective glasses as required, and the working site should be unblocked.The metal liquid in the ladle should not be too full to avoid spilling and hurting people during delivery and pouring.

For machine tool castings with large liquid shrinkage and solidification shrinkage, such as medium and large steel castings, the castings shall be replenished from the sprue or riser in time after pouring.Castings are used in a wide range of applications, including hardware and the entire mechanical and electronic