Reducing production noise and improving Grinding Environment by Coal Grinding liner

- May 30, 2018-

In the process of making the coal mill lining board, it is necessary to carefully check the geometric shape of the lining plate bolt and the lining board bolt hole, and to a certain extent carefully clear the flying edge, burr and protuberance on the lining board bolt hole and lining board bolt. Allows the bolt to freely penetrate into the desired position.


The complete set of lining bolts shall be made up of studs, dust proof washers, flat washers, spring washers and nuts; in order to prevent ash leakage, the dust proof pads should not be forgotten in use. The torque wrench should be used to fasten the bolt of lining plate, and the bolts of different specifications should be tightened according to the corresponding tightening torque.


In the process of using coal mill liner, there are many similarities with rubber liner and manganese steel liner, but there are some basic differences. The main differences between rubber linings and manganese steel liners are that, in addition to the unique elasticity of rubber, it is used to make wet mill linings that are not affected by the corrosive wear of slurry, and are of different rubber varieties and properties. Rubber linings with different wear resistance, elasticity, impact resistance and chemical corrosion resistance can be obtained to withstand the impact and grinding action of grinding medium and ore material in grinding process.


To a certain extent, the coal mill liner is effectively designed with a very unique wet method formula, and to a certain extent, it effectively combines nano-composite dispersion technology to obtain excellent wet process nano-rubber with excellent wear resistance. Strength and elasticity, service life greatly increased. The experimental results show that when the impact velocity is small, the liner only has elastic deformation, and when the impact velocity is greater than 9 m / s, the surface damage of the liner will occur.


Coal grinding liner reduces the labor intensity of overhaul liner, avoids the dangerous accident of loading and unloading liner, and is welcomed by the workers. In addition, the grate hole of rubber lattice plate of mill is not clogged basically, need not stop grinding to carry on cleaning. Rubber liner mill cylinder does not leak slurry, no need to stop grinding inspection repair, thus reducing grinding time, improve the mill capacity.