Reasons for surface roughness of stainless steel castings

- Dec 22, 2017-

1, first from the material, stainless steel castings surface roughness is a large part of the reason is the quality of the surface of stainless steel itself, stainless steel is cylindrical crystalline structure of the skeleton, to refractories, additives and water filled in the middle of the skeleton, however, in the dry roasting surface after the size of the pores, The metal liquid penetrates into these different sizes of pores, resulting in the roughness of the stainless steel surface, resulting in the roughness of the surface of the stainless steel castings.

2, in the manufacturing industry, casting process is a casting of stainless steel castings an important link, the temperature of stainless steel, metal pouring temperature and pressure, pouring vacuum degree and other technological parameters on the surface roughness of castings have influence, especially the type of gentle pouring temperature impact.

3, the impact of the alloy, small thermal conductivity, in the use of stainless steel, molten metal pouring into the cooling slow, the preparation of the casting grains are coarse, the grain between the groove will make the casting surface roughness, this grain boundary groove depth will even reach μm.

4, the pressure type and the surface quality of the melt mold. The surface roughness of the mold is the most important one which affects the surface roughness of castings, and it is related to the pressure type surface quality, the melt molding method and the pressing process parameters.