Re-inspection conditions of gray iron castings

- Mar 02, 2021-

The retest condition of gray iron castings is if the results of the first test cannot meet the mechanical performance requirements of the material, and repeated tests are allowed, how to check whether the test is effective. The validity of the test can be checked in the following ways: If it is not due to the quality of the casting itself, but because the test results do not meet the requirements due to the following reasons, the test results are invalid: the sample is improperly installed on the testing machine or the testing machine is improperly operated ; There are casting defects on the surface of the specimen or improper processing of the specimen (such as transition fillet, surface roughness and unsatisfactory dimensions, etc.); the tensile specimen is broken outside the gauge length; there are obvious casting defects on the port of the tensile specimen. In the above cases, re-sampling on the same test block or re-sampling from the same batch of cast test blocks should be tested again.