Quality requirements and environmental protection of wear - resistant castings

- Jul 27, 2018-

In the process of operation, the wear-resistant casting will put its wear-resistant core and insert sleeve into the casting mould. During production, the wear-resistant core will be set in the insert sleeve, and then to a certain extent, the casting metal solution will be poured into the casting mould, so that the molten metal can contact with the insert and then cool and solidify into one.Due to the cushioning of the insert sleeve, the thermal shock of the wear-resisting core is greatly reduced, preventing cracks in the wear-resisting core, and improving the product yield, service life and product quality of the wear-resisting casting.


Quality requirements for wear-resistant castings

Wear-resistant casting surface are of high quality and high degree of finish, when operating the product size precision is high, to a certain extent, especially under the condition of mass production of large castings dimension stability has more advantages, product outline clear, can achieve little without the draft Angle, good molten steel flow, which can realize low temperature casting, as to improve level of casting grain size, improve the wear resistance of the potential one of the means.



Production management of wear-resistant casting


The process cost of wear-resistant castings is lower when they are made, and the energy consumption per unit casting weight and the consumption of auxiliary materials are lower and the labor intensity is lower when they are operated.There is no need to mix sand with dry sand, and the equipment investment is low, and the sand treatment is simple.Die wear small, high life, high automation production line efficiency, high per capita output.


Environmental protection of wear-resistant castings


The wear-resistant casting process does not produce waste pollution, and the dust produced in the casting process can be collected by reasonable and effective dust removal means, and the emission can strictly meet the national environmental protection requirements.http://www.wuxiorient.com/