Quality control of alloy steel castings

- Sep 11, 2020-

Product quality is of great concern to manufacturers. Therefore, we must strictly control the production process. The quality of alloy steel castings generally includes application quality, connotation quality and appearance quality.

1. Application quality refers to the durability of alloy steel castings under different conditions, including wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chilling and heat resistance, fatigue, shock absorption and other functions, as well as process functions such as machinability and weldability.

2. The connotative quality mainly refers to the metallographic arrangement of the casting and the holes, cracks, impurities, segregation, etc. existing in the casting;

3. Appearance quality refers to the surface roughness, appearance defects, dimensional error, shape error, and component error of the casting;

The quality of alloy steel castings has a great influence on the function of mechanical products, so in the future production process, the production steps must be strictly followed. Only in this way can the product quality be ensured. Otherwise, it will directly affect the operating life of the engine.