Production process of wear-resistant liner

- Apr 07, 2021-

Wear-resistant liner refers to the wear-resistant steel plate processed by cutting, coiling deformation, perforating and welding and other production processes to form various wear-resistant liners, such as cement mill liners, conveyor liners, coal feeders The bottom plate/cyclone separator inverted cone and liner, wear-resistant blades, etc., the wear-resistant life can be increased by more than 15 times compared with ordinary steel plates. Wear-resistant steel plate is an alloy wear-resistant layer mainly composed of Cr7C3 carbides with a volume fraction of more than 50% formed by surfacing welding on ordinary steel plates, heat-resistant steel plates and stainless steel plates. Wear-resistant steel plate has the properties of high wear resistance, impact resistance, deformability and weldability. It can be directly processed into processing links such as crimping, cutting and punching like steel plates, and processed into engineering parts to meet the needs of wear-resistant industrial and mining operations.