Processing process and Application advantage of Wear-resistant Castings

- Jan 08, 2018-

In the process of production of wear-resistant castings in squeeze casting mould design standard, the casting mould cooling since removed after, there will be the burr, parting line, gate, riser, metal burrs, sand casting casting also adhesion sand, therefore must be cleaned by this process the device has a polishing machine, shot blasting machine, riser cutting machines.

In the process of modeling wear-resistant casting choice, considering the need for effective shakeout to create convenient conditions, mainly because some casting because of its special requirements, in use also need to go through the thick casting processing, such as heat treatment, anti rust treatment, rough machining processes. 

Wear-resistant castings mainly refers to the effective casting metal material for casting production, it is a kind of metal elements as the main ingredient, and adding other metal or nonmetal elements and the composition of the alloy, traditionally known as the main cast alloy, cast iron, cast steel and cast nonferrous alloys.

In the process of machining the wear-resistant castings, the quality of raw materials used, such as its fuel, flux, metal charge, refractory material, sand binder, coating quality, casting sand and other materials must meet the requirements, will not produce castings processing defects or internal quality problems. 

Wear-resistant castings in the process of design in addition to the need to determine the geometry and size of their casting according to the working conditions and performance of metal materials, have cast alloy and casting process characteristics to consider the rationality of the design, the size effect and solidification, shrinkage, stress, deformation in order to avoid or reduce segregation, cast iron, cracks and other defects.