Processing performance and impact resistance of coal mill liner

- Jan 31, 2018-

Coal mill lining board has the very good performance of impact resistance in use, in the processing of the underlying product for low carbon steel or low alloy, coal mill lining board wear layer effectively resist wear medium wear substrate under medium load, so it has a good impact resistance. Can withstand the material conveying system under high drop hopper impact and abrasion.


Coal mill lining plate has good heat resistance, the wear resistant layer normally in less than a certain value under the condition of use, if adding vanadium in the alloy layer, molybdenum alloy, can withstand high temperature wear. Coal mill lining plate has good resistance to corrosion of metal chromium alloy layer and wear resistant composite steel plate contains a high percentage, it has certain rust and corrosion resistance for coal chute and funnel and other occasions can do to prevent caking coal.


The coal grinding lining board has strong applicability and wear resistant composite steel has many specifications and varieties. The thickness of the alloy layer will be about 3~20mm. In the process of making, it can also be customized according to the user's needs and according to the size of the drawings.


Coal grinding performance of the lining board is good, can be directly used in cutting, leveling, punching, bending and curling, it can be made into tablet, arc plate, plate, cylinder. Composite board cutting good can be welded into a variety of engineering structure or component.


The coal mill lining board has a long service life, and its maintenance cost and shut-down loss are greatly reduced during its normal use. Its price performance is about 2-4 times higher than that of ordinary materials. The larger the material handling capacity is, the more serious the equipment wear is, the more obvious the economic effect of using coal grinding liners is.