Processing and corrosion resistance of coal mill lining board

- Apr 29, 2019-

Wear resistant composite steel plate can be cut, leveling, punching, bending and curling, in the process of operation can be made into a plate, arc plate, cone plate, cylinder.The cut composite board can be welded together into various engineering structures or parts.The composite plate can also be heated and pressed into complex shapes with a pallet.Wear-resistant composite steel plates can be bolted or welded to the equipment for easy replacement and maintenance.


Coal mill lining board wear-resisting layer is recommended to use under the working condition of 600 or less use, when operate if adding vanadium alloy layer, such as molybdenum alloy, can withstand the high temperature of 800 or less wear and tear.Recommended temperature is as follows: ordinary carbon steel substrate recommended use is not higher than 380 condition, low alloy heat-resistant steel base board (15 crmo, 12 cr1mov etc) recommended is not higher than 540 condition of use;Heat resistant stainless steel substrates recommend used at not higher than 800 condition.


The good corrosion-resistant alloy layer in the coal mill lining plate will contain a high percentage of metal chromium, so it has certain rust resistance and corrosion resistance.It can prevent coal from sticking when used in coal chute and funnel.Applicability of strong wear-resistant composite steel plate specifications, varieties, has become a series of