Process design and runner location of high chromium white iron castings

- Mar 26, 2019-

In the process of making high chromium white iron castings, rapid solidification is carried out at the thick and hot spots of the machine tool casting structure, which artificially causes the basic balance of the temperature field of the machine tool castings.Using internal and external chills, part of the use of heat storage zirconium sand, ferrochrome ore or special paint.


High chromium white iron castings mainly adopt reasonable process design. In the process of operation, the inner runner will be located at the relatively thin wall of the machine tool castings, which will be scattered in several hours.So that the first into the thick wall of the metal liquid take the lead in solidification, thin wall after solidification, so that the basic equilibrium everywhere solidification.For machine tool castings with uniform wall thickness, multiple internal gates and air holes are used.Multiple internal runner, dispersion and uniform distribution, so that the overall heat balance.The air hole is thin and many, namely the exhaust gas is unobstructed also plays the heat dissipation function.


High chromium white iron castings can effectively change the position of the inner runner during production, and the modeling material with large heat storage is selected during operation, which is very important for the production of anti-wear products with epc!Chromite ore replaces quartz sand and other kinds of sand with less heat storage, which will achieve good results, low temperature and quick burning, open casting system.The liquid metal fills the mold quickly, smoothly and evenly.It depends on the circumstances.


When the riser is needed for high chromium white iron casting, when the hot riser is first moved and leaves the hot spot, the riser can be placed on the hot spot during operation, and the size of the riser will be increased during operation to form "heating on the hot spot".Make bad, not only shrink loose divide hard, still can produce centralized shrinkage hole, reduced craft to produce rate again.