Operation rules of mine mill and high pass sieve rate

- Aug 05, 2019-

Transmission mode of mine mill

(1)the center drive ball mill motor drives the hollow shaft at the unloading end of the mill through the reducer to drive the mill to rotate.The shaft of the reducer is in a straight line with the center line of the mill.

(2)the edge drive ball mill motor drives the big gear fixed on the unloading end drum through the reducer to drive the drum rotation.

Code of operation for mine mill 

1.Operators and apprentices must pass technical safety education and practical assessment before they can operate independently.Non-process personnel are not allowed to be used without the consent of the leader.

2.before the work must check whether the machine rotation is normal, found fault should be promptly repaired before operation. 

3.After the machine starts, it is forbidden to touch the outer gear and the inner gear with your fingers to prevent safety accidents. 

4.after the work, must turn off the power, and wipe clean, often keep clean.