Operation rules and points for attention of Nickel hard Castings

- May 28, 2018-

Nickel hard castings need to check effectively whether their furnace bodies, wire rope pulleys, doors, trailers, blower and other equipment are normal before processing. Check to see if there are particularly broken, collapsed and cracked unsafe factors. If necessary, it should be properly handled before the furnace can be started. Use EAF annealing should carefully clean resistor wire on or near the oxide sheet and metal.


Nickel hard castings in the process of fire, it is necessary to carefully check its coal objects, in the process of air stoppage, its coal seam must not be too thick, so as to effectively prevent its gas explosion to a certain extent. The removal of cinder should be handled at any time and no backlog should be stored.


Before loading and unloading, nickel hard castings need to carefully check whether there are any obstacles, hooks, chains and other tools on the track slot during the operation. When loading and unloading large castings or thin-wall workpieces, make sure the cushion is flat and stable. Appropriate clearance should be left between adjacent areas, loading height must not exceed the prescribed.


Nickel hard castings need to effectively clean refractory brick refractory mud on the door and check whether the drawing mechanism is working well during operation before the nickel hard castings are carried out. When discharging and handling, no one should be near the sides of the flat car so as to prevent the sandbox or workpiece from collapsing and wounding. It is forbidden to rest or pile things around the furnace body.


When the working temperature of nickel hard castings is higher than 400 ℃, it is forbidden to use chain or wire rope to lift (or take heat insulation measures) in order to avoid fracture after annealing. Use crane lifting work, should comply with the safety of driving and hooks operating rules.


When nickel hard castings use gas furnace, they should observe the order of gas ignition: first, use compressed air to blow out the remaining gas in the furnace, close the compressed air valve, ignite the ignition stick, slightly open the gas nozzle valve, and adjust the compressed gas and gas flow rate after burning the nozzle. Make it fully burn. The reverse order is prohibited in the ceasefire. When baking with oil stove, the order of ignition is: turn off the throttle first, ignite the fire stick, open the throttle slightly, after burning, adjust the air valve and the throttle to make it fully burn, prohibit "wind pressure oil".http://www.wuxiorient.com/