Operation rules and length requirements of mine mill

- Feb 28, 2018-

In the process of mine mill used in the small area and the product granularity can be effective through the screening rate up to 99%, the host drive balance mine mill, the equipment of low noise and simple installation and maintenance, reliable operation and equipment has the advantages of no pollution and dust isolation.


Operation rules of mine mill


1. mine mill in the operation of the process in the apprentice and operating personnel must undergo 2 technical safety education and through the actual examination, so as to operate independently, not the procedure personnel without its consent of the leaders, not allowed to be used.


The 2. mine mill must check whether the movement of the machine is normal before work, and if it finds its fault, it needs to be repaired in time.


3. when the machine is opened, it is necessary to prevent the finger contact from the outer gear and the inner gear, so that the accident can be prevented.


4. mine mill after work, turn off the power, and wipe clean, keep clean.


The length requirement of the mine mill


1. short mill: the length diameter ratio is less than 2 for short mill, or ball mill. General single storehouse, used for coarse grinding or first stage grinding, and can also be used in series with 2 - 3 billiards mill.


2. medium long mill: medium length mill when the ratio of length to diameter is about 3


3. long mill: length diameter ratio is more than 4 for long mill or pipe mill. Medium long mill and long mill are usually divided into 2 - 4 silos, which are used more in cement plant.http://www.wuxiorient.com/