operation procedure and fabrication method of heat resistant casting

- Mar 30, 2019-

Heat-resistant castings have relatively stable chemical properties of natural materials during operation, and their main components are oxygen and sulfur, which will affect the stability of materials.When there is no sulfur in the gas, the corrosion rate of the material mainly depends on the oxygen content.


In addition to oxygen, the content of sulfur in hot gas is also the main reason for corrosion of heat-resistant casting materials, and the corrosion effect of sulfur mainly depends on its existence.Because sulfur in the air is more corrosive than sulfur dioxide.


Heat resistant castings to be normalizing or adjustment, we will use heat treatment to deal with, because after heat treatment of heat resistant steel his performance is more stable, so can effectively extend the service life of casting, heat resistant steel castings in production process, due to very strict with quality, so we will use the method of vacuum smelting to produce.