Nickel hard castings are classified and rounded according to service requirements

- Apr 23, 2018-

In general, the dimensional accuracy of nickel hard castings is affected by many factors, such as casting structure, mould making, shell making, pouring, roasting and so on.The setting and operation of any link in nickel hard casting can not happen.


Nickel hard castings classified according to operational requirements


1.Nickel hard castings will be subjected to larger load parts or parts with higher relative motion speed in the process of use. The inspection items will have their chemical composition, mechanical properties, size, surface quality and so on.


2.In the process of designing the nickel hard casting , it is also necessary to pay attention to the technical requirements of its parts in a certain degree . The manufacturability of die casting is mainly from the position of the parting surface and the position of the push rod in the top surface , the related requirements of the casting hole , the related requirements of shrinkage deformation and the size of the machining allowance , etc . It is reasonable to determine the parting surface of the die casting surface , not only to simplify the structure of the die casting mould , but also to ensure the quality of the casting .


Corner requirements for nickel hard castings


The connection between the middle wall and the wall of a nickel hard casting, to a certain extent, regardless of the obtuse angle, the acute angle, the root of the groove and the blind hole, etc., shall be designed to a certain extent as a rounded angle, and only when the part of the parting surface is expected to be determined in operation,In this way, the round corners are not used, and the rest of the parts must generally be rounded corners.


Nickel hard castings to a certain extent in order to avoid the stress concentration on the parts due to the existence of the corner and lead to cracking. When the parts are to be electroplated or coated, the rounded corners can obtain uniform coating to prevent the deposition at the sharp corners,Can extend the service life of die casting die.