New technology and main properties of alloy steel castings

- Mar 23, 2019-

In the process of making alloy steel castings, it is necessary to rationally choose and buy raw and auxiliary materials, correctly formulate and strictly implement relevant technological regulations, and adopt new technology, new technology, new equipment and new materials for the whole product.The study of computer technology in casting production of alloy steel castings is effectively strengthened.


Alloy steel castings need to effectively develop new processes and technologies for liquid metal treatment and purification, so as to optimize material properties and develop mechanical automation in use, so as to effectively ensure the stability and uniformity of casting quality and improve labor conditions.The research and application of environmental protection equipment for casting of alloy steel castings should be strengthened.


How to prevent deformation of alloy steel castings


1. Gating system design: a reasonable manufacturing model should be designed to enable the liquid metal to enter the mold quickly and smoothly.


2. Sand filling should be even during modeling: sand should be added evenly on each layer to prevent uneven sand from leading to uneven tight strength of individual parts and resulting in foam deformation. Pay attention not to hit the box too early.


3. After casting alloy steel castings: there should be enough heat preservation time in the box, which is particularly important for steel castings, and the chemical element composition of steel castings can be appropriately