Molding and design requirements for heat resistant castings

- Aug 20, 2018-

In the process of operation, the heat transfer of the metal mold of the castings is rapid and the casting cooling speed is fast, so the mechanical properties of the grains are relatively good, the productivity of the heat-resistant castings is high, there is no dust, the working conditions are improved, the design, manufacture, use and maintenance of the metal mold is high, the manufacturing cost is high, and the production preparation time is relatively long.  


The heat-resistant castings are free of flying burrs to a certain extent, which can reduce the work of cleaning and polishing by more than 50%, reduce machining allowance, reduce machining cost, combine casting, more than one box, and greatly improve the process yield and production efficiency of castings. 


Heat resistant castings in production process of need to improve the detection system of casting process, the formula of raw materials, rich experience in casting, heat treatment and so on, at the same time the use of advanced dry sand solid type suction casting (epc) green, is more advantageous to the liquid metal filling and feeding, improved the casting organization density.  


Can be set up in an ideal position reasonable shape of the riser, is not subject to classification, the restriction of traditional factors such as modulus, reduced the internal defects of castings, makes the traditional foundry method capable of producing parts, such as positive and reverse t-shaped slot can be directly casting molding, greatly reduces the production cost, and close to precision casting precision casting parts.