Mine mill classification

- Oct 05, 2019-

Grinding machines are roughly classified into the following types according to their uses and characteristics:

1, ball mill. The cylinder is cylindrical or tapered, and the metal ball is used as the grinding medium, and the overflow type and the lattice type are divided according to the discharging method. Ball mills are widely used in concentrators to mill a variety of ores.

2, rod mill. The cylinder is a long cylinder type, and the metal rod is used as a grinding medium. Due to the selective grinding effect, the product has a uniform particle size and is mostly used for re-election plants.

3. Gravel mill. Grinding without steel, grinding ore with the help of gravel or hard rock of various sizes.

4, self-grinding machine. In the short cylinder, the ore is crushed by its mutual impact and abrasion. The ore is the grinding medium and the material to be ground. In order to improve the self-grinding effect, a small amount (2% to 8%) of steel balls are sometimes added to the cylinder, which is called semi-self-grinding. The pulverization ratio of the self-grinding machine is large, which greatly s

5, superfine crushing equipment. This type of equipment is currently mainly used for deep processing of non-metallic minerals, including mechanical airflow impact type. The mechanical superfine pulverizing equipment is a kind of pulverizing body (hammer head, blade, dent, etc.) that rotates at a high speed to collide with coarse ore particles dispersed at the inner wall of the pulverizing chamber due to centrifugal force or to give these ore particles a certain linear velocity. , the particles collide with each other. Such equipment includes vibrating mills, agitating mills, suspension roller mills (Raymond mills), tower mills, colloid mills, centrifugal mills, and high pressure (extrusion) disc mills. The airflow type ultra-fine grinding equipment utilizes high-pressure airflow (compressed air or superheated steam) to pulverize the materials by impact (collision) friction and shearing action. The product size can generally reach 1.0 to 5.0 um or finer. Such pulverizers have a flat jet mill, a circulating tube jet mill, a jet mill, and the like. This grinding equipment is mainly used for ultra-fine grinding of materials.https://www.wuxiorient.com/