Melting speed and process of nickel castings

- Sep 07, 2018-

The stopping and opening furnace of nickel hard castings is very convenient for operation, which can guarantee the composition and quality of the steel liquid. The requirements for the furnace materials are very strict and easy to heat up during operation. Therefore, it can smelt high quality steel, high alloy steel and special steel, etc., which are common equipment for the production of moulded steel.


In the process of making nickel hard castings, induction furnaces of working frequency or intermediate frequency are mainly used to smelt various kinds of high-grade alloy steels and extremely low carbon content steels.The smelting speed of induction furnace is fast, the burning loss of alloy elements is small, energy consumption is small, and the steel liquid quality is high, that is, the content of impurities is little, the inclusion is little.


Nickel hard castings are used after heat treatment. In order to refine the grains and even structure and eliminate internal stress, the castings must be normalized or annealed. The steel after normalizing treatment has higher mechanical properties and lower cost than that after annealing, so it is widely used.However, the normal treatment will cause greater internal stress than annealing, which is only applicable to cast steel with carbon content less than 0.35%.Low carbon cast steel is not easy to crack when cooling because of its good plasticity.In order to reduce internal stress, cast steel should be tempered at high temperature after normalizing.For cast steel parts with carbon content of 0.35% or more, complicated structure and easy to crack, annealing treatment can only be carried out.