Measures to reduce wear of cement mill lining

- Apr 18, 2019-

In order to prevent the accident, it is necessary to check or replace some of the end lining and grate fixing bolts with serious wear and tear every time the machine stops.According to the above problems, we study the wear mechanism of the lining board of the mill, and take corresponding measures to solve the problem, and obtain obvious economic benefits.


1.Causes of partial wear of compartment plate and end lining plate


1into the grinding material has high temperature (130 ), the lining is in a state of high temperature wear for a long time.


2the liner wear at the end of the rough grinding bin is mainly caused by the high-stress impact chisel wear of the grinding body, supplemented by extrusion cutting. The abrasive body close to the liner is carried up by the ladder liner of the grinding machine, and thrown out under the action of centrifugal force. One or two rings in the liner of the impact end and one ring of grate plate in the middle of the separator plate.


3the grate plate of the compartment and the fixed bolts of the end liner plate are distributed at the four corners of the grate plate, which are relatively weak. Under the impact of the abrasive body, the bolts are expanded around the center, and in serious cases, the liner plate becomes loose and falls off and goes through the warehouse.


2.measures taken


1reduce the temperature of the grinding material, from the grate cooler clinker temperature control, do not let any dropTemperature;


2weld the A3 steel protective sleeve over the fixing nut of the lining plate to enhance the wear-resisting strength of the bolt and change the ball's motion trajectory to reduce the erosion of the lining plate;


3from the perspective of mechanics, the lining plates of two rings and two rings at the feeding end of the mill and the lining plates of two rings and two rings at both sides of the double compartments are modified to change the movement track of the grinding body so as to reduce the impact of the grinding body on the grate plate.After the implementation of the above measures, there is no significant change in the operating parameters of the mill, the output and fineness are within the normal range, and the wear of the equipment is obviously reduced.According to the statistical comparison analysis before and after the transformation, the service life of the end lining plate is nearly doubled, and the service life of the compartment grate plate is also extended to a certain