Measures for prolonging the Service Life of Coal Grinding liner

- Mar 29, 2018-

In order to improve the life of the coal mill liner, many of its manufacturers are trying to adopt its new material. Our company will adopt its low alloy coal mill liner with a hardness value of HRC50 / 51, and some elements can be added to the coal mill liner. After heat treatment, the hardness is controlled between HRC37~43, which can not only prolong the service life of liner effectively and reduce the consumption of steel ball, but also is an economical and reasonable choice scheme of coal mill.


Measures for prolonging the Service Life of Coal Grinding liner

1. Selecting the hardness of steel ball and liner reasonably, the hardness ratio of coal mill liner and steel ball should be controlled in the range of 1: 0 0185 / 0190).


2. Change the fixed bolt hole of coal mill liner to arc shape to avoid stress concentration.


3.According to the characteristics of ZGMn13 liner mill, the steel ball with lower hardness is used for 1 ~ 2 months. After the hardness and toughness of the liner are improved, the steel ball with higher hardness is used to effectively improve the service life of the liner.

4. Strictly install the quality door of the coal grinding liner. If the lining board and the cylinder body do not match well, the lining plate should be changed and fixed, and if there is any deviation in tightening the wedge bolt hole, it shall not be forcibly installed. In addition, after the lining plate is installed and tested, The fixed bolt of lining plate should be retightened strictly according to the regulations to ensure that the bolt has certain pretightening force to prevent the bolt from loosening and falling off in operation.


5. Eliminate the defects of the equipment in time, prevent the expansion of the damage range of the coal mill liner, and ensure the safe and economical operation of the unit.