Matters needing attention and reference in the purchase of cement Grinding liner

- Mar 23, 2018-

The form of cement mill liner is varied, and its effect is not the same when it is used, and its step liner board is the most widely used lining board form in cement mill rough grinding bin. The Archimedes spiral curved surface ensures that the grinding body can be balanced to a certain height during the operation of the mill, thus increasing the impact of the impact of the material lining as the main parts of the ball mill.


The main feature of cement mill liner in operation is that when the ball moves from the falling point to the lifting point, the rotation ability of the ball is enhanced by the wave peak, and the ball moves from the lifting point to the throwing point. The material and the ball are towed to the required working height by two peaks along the ball mill, and the falling speed and quantity of the ball reach the maximum value.


Matters needing attention and reference in the purchase of cement Grinding liner


The cement mill liner needs its good wear resistance when it is operated. It has good physical and chemical properties by scientific and reasonable alloy element formula in the production of high wear resistance and impact resistance double medium quenching alloy steel liner. Its service life is more than twice as long as that of high manganese steel. It can withstand huge impact force. It can maintain the surface shape of lining plate for a long time in order to ensure that the mill can steadily increase the output by more than 5%.


High performance cement mill lining board, strong adaptability after double quenching of advanced processing technology, it has high quenching hardness, high toughness characteristics, so that the lining plate has good abrasion resistance, high manganese steel liner compared in alloy double quenching medium alloy steel ball mill lining plate showed outstanding the price. Can adapt to mine wet grinding, dry grinding, grinding and mixing.