Material quality and dimension requirements for pump valve castings

- Mar 21, 2019-

The material quality of the pump valve casting must meet the relevant standards, such as the common materials are metal charge, refractory, fuel, flux, metamorphism agent and casting sand, sand binder, paint and other materials must meet the relevant standards.If inferior products that do not conform to relevant regulations are used, such defects as porosity, slag inclusion and sand sticking will occur in the casting, which will affect the appearance quality and internal quality of the casting. In serious cases, the casting will be scrapped. Therefore, the casting must be made in accordance with relevant standards.


Design process of pump valve casting in the process of design, must be based on the working conditions and metal material properties to determine the geometric shape and size of the casting, the operation must also consider the rationality of product design.The chemical composition and mechanical properties of the main material of the pump valve meet the requirements of relevant material standards.


The deviation of the shape and size of the pump valve casting conforms to the requirements of the drawing, and the non-processed surface of the pump valve casting should be smooth, smooth, without viscous sand, no oxide skin, no porosity, no sand inclusion, no crack and other defects.All parts of the valve should be firmly connected without loosening.The results of pressure test and sealing performance test of pump valve accord with the requirements of related test