Making methods and use advantages of wear-resistant castings

- Feb 02, 2018-

In the process of making wear-resistant castings in general by the lack of cobalt chromium tungsten alloy strengthening phase coherent, while in low temperature strength but is higher than 980 degrees with high strength, good thermal fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and good weldability. Suitable for making air engine industry gas turbine ship gas turbine vane and guide vane nozzle and nozzle of diesel engine.


Wear resistant casting carbide carbide strengthening the main phase of cobalt chromium tungsten alloy are MC, M23C6 and M6C in casting cobalt chromium tungsten alloy, M23C6 is slow cooling at the grain boundary and interdendritic precipitation. In some alloys, the fine M23C6 can form eutectic matrix and gamma.MC carbide particles is too large no, the dislocation directly produce a significant effect, thus strengthening effect of the alloy is not obvious, and the dispersed carbides have good strengthening effect.


By using the grey cast iron wear-resistant castings in the process of production, this is a kind of flake graphite containing cast iron is the most widely used cast iron, cast iron production accounted for more than 80% of total output. The comprehensive mechanical properties of gray cast iron is low, high compressive strength, good tensile strength itself. Compared to the steel material, can get thinner with more complex geometry of gray iron castings, and the residual stress and warpage in the castings have smaller. As in the section on performance is relatively uniform, gray cast iron used for manufacturing high requirements


The wear resistant casting vermicular cast iron processing, in the process of operation in the incorporation of graphite morphology is between flake stone and globose, with similar chemical structure of gray cast iron. Vermicular cast iron has good thermal conductivity, so often used to make harsh working environment temperature, the temperature gradient is relatively large parts. Due to creep the ink material with high strength cast iron, good compactness, the notch sensitivity of small, has good process performance, can be used to make large parts with complex geometries. In order to save scrap, reduce the weight of the casting, vermicular cast iron can also be used to replace the modified cast iron, it also can effectively increase the yield, enhance casting air tightness the purpose, especially suitable for the production of hydraulic parts.