Main form and operation process of mine grinding machine

- May 29, 2018-

In the process of operation of mine mill, the sieve rate of finished product granularity can reach 99% to a certain extent. In the process of operation, the main engine drive is balanced, the noise is small, the operation is reliable, the multi-stage separation and dust removal, the installation, the maintenance are simple, and so on. It is very suitable for dry ultrafine powder processing of mineral materials, and is an ideal equipment for grinding industry, especially for small enterprises.


Horizontal ball mill is generally mainly silicate products, in the process of use, its new building materials, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metals, glass and ceramics, Key equipment for dry or wet grinding in refractory industry. The equipment is mainly made of external gear, two-bin lattice ball mill and sprocket or belt drive.


In the course of operation, the material of mine mill enters the first bin of its equipment directly through the feeding machine directly through the hollow shaft helix, and three kinds of media of different specifications will be installed in the machine when it is used. The centrifugal force produced by cylinder rotation brings the ball to a certain height and falls down, causing heavy impact and grinding on the material. After the material has been rough ground in the first warehouse, it enters the second warehouse through a single compartment board, which contains four kinds of ball media of different specifications to further grind the material.


To a certain extent, the mine mill can effectively discharge its powdered material through its discharge sieve, and it will effectively enter its vibrating sieve machine to finish the grinding operation by stages when it is used. The hollow shaft adopts steel castings, the inner lining can be made according to the user's requirements, the equipment runs smoothly and works reliably.


In the course of operation of the silica ball mill, it is mainly the key equipment to comminute to a certain extent after the material has been broken. Its equipment is widely used in silicate products, chemical fertilizers, black, refractory materials, glass ceramics, Building materials and other production industries. Dry or wet grinding of ores and other grindable materials.