Main factors to be paid attention to in material selection of Heat-Resistant Castings and strict requirements of molten Steel

- Apr 24, 2018-

Heat resistant castings can not only increase the recovery rate of molten steel during operation, but also save the return process to a certain extent, thus greatly reducing the energy consumption to a certain extent.In this way, to a certain extent, the production efficiency will be significantly improved.


Heat-resistant castings are to some extent an important symbol of modern production, and their products will have higher requirements in the process and equipment than those in the conventional continuous casting process.For example, its products require more strict temperature and chemical composition of molten steel.


The temperature and chemical composition of the molten steel will be very strict when the heat resistant castings are made. To a certain extent, the pouring temperature should be controlled within a relatively narrow range to prevent secondary oxidation.In the process of continuous casting, no oxidation protection casting is required, and the refractory materials used in ladle, tundish, sliding nozzle and invading nozzle are also strictly required for heat-resistant steel continuous casting.


Main factors to be paid attention to in material selection of Heat-resistant Castings


1.the working temperature of a heat-resistant steel casting. The working temperature is the highest temperature, the normal temperature and the lowest temperature, and the change rate of the temperature.


2.Mechanical load on Heat-resistant Steel Castings.


3.Gas, condition (including dust content of wind speed, chemical composition, etc.) in contact with heat resistant steel castings.


4.Low price, where can use chromium, nickel content of low-cast heat-resistant steel without chromium, high nickel content.