Main factors that should be paid attention to in the selection of heat-resistant castings

- Nov 14, 2019-

Among the many heat-resistant steel grades, the selection of heat-resistant steels that meet the conditions of the cement plant must take into account the following factors:

(1) Working temperature of heat-resistant steel castings. Operating temperature refers to the highest temperature, normal temperature and minimum temperature, and temperature change rate.

(2) Mechanical load on heat-resistant steel castings.

(3) Gases in contact with heat-resistant steel castings, conditions (including wind speed, dust content, chemical composition, etc.).

(4) The price should be low. Any cast heat-resistant steel with low chromium and nickel content does not need high chromium and nickel content.

Cement plants should continually summarize and accumulate experience in the use of heat-resistant steel castings. If there is a failure in use and it is proved by analysis that the abnormal scrapping of the heat-resistant steel castings is caused by improper material selection, the manufacturer may be contacted to re-select materials to prevent failure, and the manufacturer shall provide re-selection to the manufacturer. Information and directions.