Large capacity and wear - resistant properties of wear - resistant castings

- Sep 17, 2018-

Wear-resistant casting on the choice of material in the process of the need to be reasonable and conform to the characteristics of wear resistance, the organization of the casting to refining and distribution to uniform, so that you can make sure to get good mechanical properties, metallurgical quality of castings to reach purity, especially grain boundary metallurgical quality (to ensure that the wear uniform, clean green casting).

The wear-resistant castings should be near purification and the quality of casting should be sound during operation, so that the quality of the wear-resistant castings can be ensured. In the process of operation, the performance can be safe, reliable, durable and economical (to improve the competitiveness, commodity value and economic benefits).

Wear-resistant casting smelting generally used when operated in electric arc furnace, open hearth furnace and induction furnace, when making use of the open hearth furnace is characterized by large capacity, in the operation can effectively use the scrap steel as raw material, miscellaneous precisely when used to control the composition of steel and smelting high quality steel and low alloy steel, used for smelting high requirements for quality, more large steel in molten steel.