Internal Surface Design and installation requirements of cement Grinding liner

- Jan 29, 2019-

The cement mill liner shall be filled with 43.5MPa cement mortar with compressive strength grade between the installation back end liner and the cylinder end cover. Fixed end lining bolts should not allow cement mortar to die, should be able to rotate or enter and exit. Liner is generally directional, installation must be careful not to counter.

The arc length of all commutative slot of cement mill liner should not exceed 310 mm. The gap between adjacent linings is not more than 3 ~ 9 mm. Between the lining plate and the inner surface of the cylinder shall be laid in accordance with the design requirements. If not required, the compressive strength grade 42.5MPa cement mortar may be filled between the two, as far as possible, and the excess part shall be extruded out through the bolt of the strong lining plate. Cement mortar solidified again after tightening the lining bolt.

When the cement mill lining plate is installed with rubber cushion board, the roll rubber plate is opened 3 ~ 4 weeks before installation, and when rubber plate is used, the long edge of the secondary rubber plate follows the tube axial direction, and the short edge follows the circumferential direction of the cylinder