Installation requirements of ball mill liner

- Mar 28, 2021-

⒈The liner installation should be filled with cement mortar with a compressive strength grade of 43.5MPa between the rear end of the liner and the end cover of the cylinder. ⒉The bolts of the fixed end liner shall not be filled with cement mortar, and shall be able to rotate or in and out. ⒊The lining board is generally directional, so don't install it in reverse. ⒋The arc length of all circumferential slits cannot exceed 310mm. ⒌The gap between adjacent liners is not more than 3~9mm. ⒍A barrier should be laid between the lining board and the inner surface of the cylinder according to the design requirements. ⒎When installing the lining board with rubber backing plate, make it extend freely; when using the rubber plate, the short side shall follow the circumferential direction of the cylinder. ⒏ Carefully check the liner bolt holes and the geometry of the liner bolts, and clean them carefully so that the bolts can freely penetrate to the required position. ⒐The complete set of liner bolts should be composed of glaring bolts, dust-proof washers, flat washers, spring washers, and nuts; in order to prevent dust leakage, do not forget to use dust-proof pads during use. ⒑ When tightening the liner bolts, a torque wrench should be used for work, and the liner bolts of different specifications should be tightened according to the corresponding tightening torque requirements.