Installation requirements and performance of cement grinding liner

- Jul 17, 2018-

Ball mill in the process of purchase, should use effective notice its whole performance, at the time of purchase but also very attention to the quality of the cement mill lining board and manufacturers, to a certain extent, choose the applicability of the cement mill liner can better for actual production.


In the process of purchasing cement grinding liner, it is necessary to pay effective attention to the products produced by the selection of high-quality production process and dual medium quenching process.This kind of cement grinding liner has higher hardness and good toughness when it is used, so it can be put into production.The wear-resisting property of cement grinding liner is also to be paid attention to when buying. Only by choosing cement grinding liner with good production performance can the actual production be better guaranteed.



Note for installation of cement grinding liner

Cement mill lining board during for installation in the process of the need to make sure that the gap is not greater than 16 mm, usually the fixed plate screw, to a certain extent, should be carefully cushion packing and gasket, so you can avoid leakage kuangfen, if there is no sealing washer, should be in the corresponding position two laps cotton cord or hemp and lead.During installation, a layer of (1:2) cement mortar shall be applied to the inner wall of the tube and tightened with a screw before solidification.



The installation of cement grinding liner plate should clean the inner grease of the cylinder body.


3. The cement mill lining board must be installed in already dry solid reinforced concrete on the basis of large-scale ball mill equipment is not allowed to have a significant tilt and sinking, if there is a little heavy, also should be balanced and level, otherwise can't install.The base and low plane of a large ball mill should be high enough to supply the replacement of liner and grinding media.The design of the foundation can be carried out by referring to the basic part diagram of the large ball mill equipment, but it cannot be used as the working diagram of the foundation construction directly.