Installation requirements and ambient temperature of coal mill liner

- Sep 14, 2018-

Coal mill lining board at the time of install, its operation or the change of environmental temperature appear relatively large fixed form under the condition of the lining board must consider its free expansion or contraction, any of its a fixed method, when carries on the design should be given to the flow of bulk materials, and can be in the screw head mother always sat on a plate.For thicker liners, the edges should be cut to 45 degrees.This allows the length to vary and forms a smooth plastic surface in the storage bin, which facilitates the flow of materials.


Matters needing attention to the installation of coal grinding lining


During the installation of the coal mill liner, the bolt countersunk head plane of the lining must be lower than the panel surface, and no less than 10 bolts per square meter should be used for the entire product installation.The gap between each lining board shall not be greater than 0.5cm(appropriate adjustment shall be made according to the ambient temperature of the board during installation).


When the coal grinding lining board is used for the first time, it is necessary to wait for the material of the silo to be stored at 2/3 of the total capacity to some extent before unloading.During operation, always keep the stock of the material in and out of the warehouse at the loading point of the material, and always keep the stock of the material in the warehouse at more than half of the total capacity of the warehouse.