Installation and process requirements of nickel hard casting

- Aug 19, 2019-

Due to the high dimensional accuracy and surface finish of investment casting, nickel hard casting can reduce the machining work. Only a little machining allowance can be left on parts requiring higher requirements, and even some castings can be used without mechanical processing.It can be seen that the use of precision casting method can save a lot of machine tools and processing hours, and greatly save the metal raw materials.

Installation of nickel hard castings 

1.All precision castings shall be installed in advance according to the installation conditions specified by the manufacturer.The drawings and technical requirements should be made clear before the casting is assembled. 

2.Secondly, the fasteners and metal parts used for assembly should have protective layer, and the burr and sharp edge of the through hole edge and surface of the screw should be polished flat before applying conductive paste. 

3.Then check whether the precision casting product model and component model, specification and quantity are consistent with the drawings. 

4.The precision casting is then checked for damage and must be installed according to the drawing, and the height of the centerline of the element on the panel door plate should meet the regulations. 

5.Nickel castings should usually choose appropriate tools for fastening bolts, so do not damage the protective layer of fasteners and pay attention to the appropriate torque.