Ignition sequence and handling requirements for wear - resistant castings

- Apr 25, 2019-

In the process of using the wear-resistant casting, when it comes out of the oven and carries, irrelevant personnel should not be near the two sides of the flat car, so as to avoid sand box or workpiece collapse and injury.Do not rest or pile things around the furnace.When the work piece temperature higher than 400 , prohibit use chain or wire rope sling or heat insulation measures, so as to avoid fracture after annealing.When using crane to transport work items, safety operation rules of crane and hooker should be observed.


When using the gas stove, the wear-resisting casting should effectively comply with the gas ignition sequence. When operating, the residual gas in the furnace should be blown out with compressed air first, the compressed air valve should be closed, the ignition rod should be lit, and the gas nozzle valve should be opened slightly. After burning the nozzle, the compressed gas and gas flow should be adjusted to make it fully burn.Cease fire in reverse order. Reverse order is strictly prohibited.


When the wear-resisting casting is baked in the oil oven, the ignition sequence is as follows: first close the air door, ignite the ignition rod, slightly open the throttle, after the ignition, adjust the air valve and throttle to make it fully burn, and prohibit "oil pressure".When using pulverized coal fuel furnace, it is forbidden to burn the furnace when the blower is defective or the pipeline is cracked.