Ideal organization of ball mill liner

- Apr 03, 2021-

The ideal structure should include: high-hardness alloy carbides and carbide clusters spheroidization. In metal materials, some carbide-forming elements are often added to obtain high-hardness alloy carbides. This is a way to improve the wear resistance of materials. Effective way. This is because the carbides are uniformly distributed in the matrix, reducing the stress concentration around the carbides, reducing the chance of crack initiation and avoiding the spalling of the carbides. At the same time, the spherical carbides can block the ploughing wear and reduce the depth of the furrow. And length to protect the substrate. Therefore, it is required to spheroidize and uniformly distribute alloy carbide clusters in the material. A strong matrix and high-hard alloy carbide need to be supported by a strong matrix. Otherwise, the alloy carbide will easily peel off and the wear resistance of the material will be greatly weakened. Martensite + lower bainite is a very good matrix structure. The presence of a small amount of retained austenite reduces the stress of heat treatment, improves the toughness of the material, and reduces the possibility of cracks during production and use.