How to repair the fracture of alloy steel castings with glue

- Apr 21, 2019-

Generally, the material properties of alloy steel castings are very hard and not prone to fracture. However, some users feel that the castings cannot be used anymore and can only be discarded after they encounter fracture.But actually in the face of this situation, you can use a professional repair adhesive to re-adhesive up.Such as:


1.professional repair agent surface treatment: remove loose material on the surface of alloy steel casting, sand blasting, electric grinding wheel, steel wire brush or coarse sandpaper and other ways to improve the roughness of the repair surface, use acetone cleaning agent to wipe, to clean the surface.


2. professional repair agent glue: repair agent is composed of A, B two components, the use of the main agent A and curing agent B in strict accordance with the prescribed proportion of fully mixed to uniform color, and can be used up within the specified time, the rest of the glue can not be used.


3.Professional repair agent will apply the mixed repair agent on the surface of the treated matrix, apply force evenly and press repeatedly to ensure the full contact between the material and the matrix surface of alloy steel casting to achieve better effect.When multi-layer coating is required, the original coating surface shall be treated before application.


4. professional repairing adhesive cured at below the temperature of 25 can be appropriately extended time, when the temperature below 15 , using the appropriate heat source to heat (infrared, furnace, etc.), but can't direct contact with the heating of repair parts of the alloy steel castings, correct operation is the heat source from the repair surface more than 40 cm, 60 ~ 80 for 2 ~ 3 hours.


However, after rebonding the alloy steel castings with professional repair adhesive, a layer of protection must be made on the surface of the castings to ensure the internal bonding effect, so that the castings can continue to be used as if there is no