High strength, toughness and specification of cement mill linings

- Apr 21, 2018-

The cement mill liner has high wear resistance and impact resistance when it is used. The alloy steel lining plate in double medium quenching can be effectively formulated with reasonable alloy elements, which will make the cement mill lining board have good physical and chemical properties.Hardness above HRC45-55 and impact toughness above 25J.


The cement mill liner can withstand great impact.The surface shape of the liner can be maintained for a long time in order to ensure a steady increase of the mill output by more than 5%.


High strength and toughness of cement Grinding liner


In the quenching process of cement mill liner, the special double medium quencher with good thermal stability is used as the medium to make the product achieve high strength, high hardness and high toughness, so as to meet the technological requirements of wear resistance.


high cost performance and adaptability of cement mill lin


The cement mill liner can be effectively treated by its advanced double medium quenching process, and it has the characteristics of high quenching hardness and high toughness when it is used, which will make the cement mill liner have very good wear resistance.


Specification for cement mill linings


The size of cement mill liner should take into account such factors as easy handling, loading and unloading and easy to move in and out of the grinding door. In recent years, the size of cement mill liner has been unified.http://www.wuxiorient.com/