High chromium white iron casting process and design requirements

- Jul 18, 2018-

High chromium white iron castings in the process of made generally by adjusting the carbon content to change the number of carbide, high chromium white iron castings is not contain other alloying elements of high chromium casting, under normal circumstances the empty can quench hardening of 20 mm in diameter, to improve the hardenability, alloy elements must be added.

High chromium white iron casting requires effective copper control of less than 1.5%. Due to the high price of V, it is usually only applicable to castings that are not easy to heat treatment.When silicon increases Ms, it reduces the residual austenite and reduces the hardenability. Therefore, it should be generally controlled.High chromium white iron castings of induction furnace melting temperature of 1480 ℃.



High chromium white iron castings riser size in the process of design need to be effective for the carbon steel is carried out on design, the pouring system design, according to the gray cast iron in the production mainly use the flame cutting method for cutting the riser, so when designing the easy cutting riser or side riser, tapping method is used to purify.

In the process design of high chromium white iron casting, attention should be paid to prevent the shrinkage of the casting from being blocked, so as to avoid cracking. The casting of high chromium white iron should be fully cooled and then opened.Premature opening and high opening temperature are the main causes of casting cracking.