Hardness, toughness and High efficiency and Energy Saving of Wear resistant Castings

- Jun 20, 2018-

To a certain extent, wear-resistant castings are important equipment accessories for industrial raw materials and energy production, and the improvement of their efficiency will become an important link in saving resources and energy directly, among which wear-resistant castings are efficient, energy saving, environmental protection and clean. Is the best choice for processing ore materials,


Abrasive wear and mining conditions in which wear-resistant castings are subjected to certain impact loads in the process of application, to a certain extent, mainly refer to steels that are purposefully added with other elements in order to meet their specific performance requirements, such as to increase the strength of hardness, Ductile hardenability and various comprehensive properties of the addition of elements called alloy elements. The quenched ones are Cr (Cr), Ni (Ni), Mo (Mo) and so on.


The mechanical properties, especially hardness and toughness, of low alloy steel for wear-resistant castings can be adjusted in a wide range, and can be effectively adjusted according to their different operating conditions. Its strength and impact toughness and wear resistance will be effectively considered and matched. As long as the fracture is not caused by brittleness, the wear resistance increases with the increase of hardness.


The multicomponent low alloy steel of wear-resistant castings can be treated by oil quenching (or air quenching) heat treatment and tempering according to different alloy content. Martensite steel with good toughness, high hardness and good wear resistance can be obtained. It is used for ball mill lining board, small and medium jaw plate, A hammer, etc

Such a clean bench is used and operated. Very simple.