Function and advantage of mine mill

- Sep 04, 2018-

In the process of use, the mine mill can also be used effectively in grinding cement, si-hcl products, new building materials, refractories and glass ceramics.One of its main accessories is the lining.

The role of a mine mill

1. The purpose of the lining board of mine mill is to protect the equipment barrel, so that the barrel of mine mill is not directly impacted and rubbed by the grinding medium and materials.

2. Secondly, the lining board of mine grinder has various forms, which can be used to adjust the motion state of the grinding medium in the barrel to enhance the grinding effect of the grinding medium on the materials and improve the grinding efficiency.

Lining material and application of mine mill

The material of lining board of mine grinder mainly includes high manganese steel, alloy steel, hard steel, chromium steel, alloy cast iron, magnetic lining board, rubber lining board and so on.

When used, the mine grinder has sufficient impact toughness. When subjected to certain impact, the surface is cold hardened and harder and more wear-resistant.