Formulation requirements and Application Field of Heat-resistant Castings

- Nov 22, 2018-

Heat-resistant castings can be customized according to the actual use of customer requirements, laboratory material ingredients to cast production. The main features are high temperature resistance, anti-oxidation, anti-deformation, corrosion resistance, wear resistance. The service life of general high temperature resistant castings is more than 3 years.


Heat-resistant castings mainly refer to the steel working at high temperature. The development of its products is closely related to the technical progress of power station, boiler, gas turbine, internal combustion engine, aero-engine and so on. Because of the different temperature and stress, and the environment, the types of steel used are different.


Heat-resistant castings have rapid heat transfer in metal mold, good fine mechanical properties of grains, high efficiency and no dust, and improved working conditions. Metal mold casting is mainly used in the mass production of non-ferroalloy castings. The casting should not be too large, the shape should not be too complex, and the wall should not be too thin.