For the better quality of the wear-resistant castings, we can do this

- Feb 03, 2018-

Want to wear the casting quality better, wear-resistant castings in actual design and processing should pay attention to prevent the emergence of some defects, only to prevent these defects, which can guarantee the quality of the castings. First of all, is the type of wet processing pit molding, should pay attention to in the sand to fill sand pit above the pavement, shape and pattern similarity then, in the wood, he plugged sand, wood on wood after compaction.


Should be with a hammer or a copy of the order on a wooden hammer makes the wood surface subsidence and compaction, this point is to avoid the wooden parts, then warp, put pressure on the wooden iron, shovel sand balance, in order to avoid sand water, wood appear to move. At this time the processed wear-resistant castings can be compared smooth, can effectively put the wet pit type processing. To ensure the quality of the casting.


When other wear-resistant castings, the pinch of sand to sand thickness generally parallel, the first is 100 ~ 120mm, portable Chung (bar) stick, gently pounding sand compaction. Chung (bar) do not stick to Chung surface, or parting surface will appear big scar. Next, we in fact it is to note that it is also the second pinch of sand thickness is 150 ~ 180mm, Chung Chung real tight, and so on, should avoid moving or deformation. The wooden pestle


In other wear-resistant castings, wood remove sub activities or when the bar table cover, first of all should do then remove the mark or sub table cover, in the next block above, while other, must remember to remove or cover is Taiwan put in situ, scooping sand sand water when it shifts.


When other workers received wood wear-resistant castings, have to carefully check the wooden box, or other moving parts, look at it is not a lack of loss, if there is any doubt part, can make inquiries to the supervisor. Aging into the pit wear-resistant castings also requires our attention, in order to eliminate the stress of wear-resistant casting when casting, into the pit, the site must also be placed properly, ensure the wear-resistant casting shape.