Favorable conditions for high quality and wear-resistant castings

- Jan 27, 2018-

Along with the formulation and revision of national standards we wear resistant casting, especially related to leadership in recent years the national standard drafting group, the formulation and modification of cast grinding balls, abrasion resistant cast iron castings, austenitic microstructure, austenitic manganese steel castings, wear-resistant steel, composite wear-resistant castings and a series of related standards, advanced level the level of these products basically is achieved and the relevant international standards, our country wear-resistant castings quality, quality standards and foreign advanced wear-resistant castings has played a very positive role.


In addition, all industries and enterprises will set up a higher level of standard than the national standard on the basis of national standards, which will become a positive and effective factor to improve the quality of our country's wear-resistant castings.


New materials and new technology results appear constantly, constantly application and attention in the production enterprises, has become a hot and mainstream wear-resistant castings production enterprises, this is our country will improve the wear-resistant castings quality. For example, the refinement of the microstructure; purification and refining; near net forming technology; computer numerical simulation technology has a good application in the enterprise.


The next key words, many have to wear resistant casting purification, purification, improve the quality of casting direction, some wear-resistant castings have been exported. However, we are in fact is to note that the important purification performance of wear resistant materials, must be in the enterprise all staff of the firm which set up; take the necessary measures to the purification process, is to become a feasible and reliable proprietary technology.


Finally, we wear castings in processing when, should pay attention to clean the charge, the choice of quality is to pay attention to the next lining, precipitation deoxidation and final deoxidation, then it is through a lot of slagging and multiple slag, after refining process and casting system, and through the filter, ladle each. In the process of implement, will make (to do) wear-resistant materials reached purification purposes.http://www.wuxiorient.com/