Equipment and quality inspection for melting process of alloy steel castings

- Apr 26, 2019-

Before using alloy steel castings we should carry out inspection in advance to check whether the equipment is suitable for current use, whether it is damaged, etc. We should equip reasonable inspection methods and appropriate inspection personnel for quality inspection of finished alloy steel castings.


The internal quality of alloy steel castings can be examined and determined by means of audio, ultrasonic, eddy current, X-ray and gamma rays during operation.The manufacturer of high temperature resistant alloy steel castings shall ensure that the castings are free from corrosion and mechanical damage during transportation and storage, and shall attach a certificate indicating that the castings conform to the requirements specified in the drawings or the contract and relevant technical standards.


Equipment for smelting of alloy steel castings


1.Cast steel is generally smelted by open hearth furnace, electric arc furnace and induction furnace, etc. The features of open hearth furnace are large capacity, can use scrap steel as raw material, can accurately control the composition of steel and can smelt high quality steel and low alloy steel, mostly used for melting high quality, large steel castings with liquid steel.

2.three-phase arc furnace open and shut down operation is convenient, can ensure the composition and quality of molten steel, charging requirements are not very strict, easy to heat up, so can smelt high quality steel, high alloy steel and special steel, etc., is the production of forming alloy steel castings common equipment.


3, the use of industrial frequency or intermediate frequency induction furnace, can smelt all kinds of advanced alloy steel and carbon content of steel is very low, induction furnace smelting speed, alloying elements burn small, energy consumption, and high quality steel liquid, that is, less impurity content, less inclusion, suitable for small steel casting