Energy consumption reduction of heat resistant casting and main factors to be paid attention to in material selection.

- Jul 20, 2018-

Heat resistant castings can not only improve the steel water yield effectively in the process of operation,To a certain extent, it can also save the return process, which can greatly reduce its energy consumption, and thus significantly improve the production efficiency.

The requirements for temperature and chemical composition of molten steel are very strict when making heat resistant castings.In the process of casting, the temperature control is required to be within a certain range. In order to prevent secondary oxidation, non-oxidation protective casting is required in the process of continuous casting.Heat - resistant continuous casting of steel ladle, intermediate ladle, sliding nozzle, intrusion, such as the use of refractory material.



The main factors that should be paid attention to when selecting heat resistant castings.

The working temperature of heat-resistant steel casting is used in the operation. Its temperature coefficient refers to the highest temperature, normal temperature and lowest temperature, as well as the rate of temperature change.

Mechanical load of heat-resistant steel castings.

Gas in contact with heat resistant steel castings, including wind speed, dust content, chemical composition, etc.

The price should be low. If you can use casting heat resistant steel with low chromium and nickel content, you won't need high chromium and nickel content.