Display record and distribution range of hard nickel castings

- Mar 01, 2019-

Hard nickel castings typically use X-ray or gamma rays as the source of the rays, so equipment and other ancillary facilities that produce the rays are needed. When the workpiece is exposed to the radiation field, the radiation intensity of the rays will be affected by the internal defects of the casting.The radiation intensity emitted through the casting varies locally with the size and nature of the defect, forming a radiographic image of the defect, which can be recorded by radiographic film, observed by real-time detection on fluorescent screen, or detected by a radiation counter.


Nickel hard casting can effective method of video recording by X-ray film is the most commonly used method, usually when operate radiographic testing, radiographic reflected defect image is intuitive, defect shape, size, quantity, plane position and distribution can be presented, only defect depth generally cannot be reflected, need to take special measures and calculations to determine.


The ni-hard castings using a micro-focus X-ray system that approximates the point source can also actually eliminate the fuzzy edges produced by the larger focus equipment and make the image contour clear.Digital image system can improve the signal - to - noise ratio of image and improve the definition of image.www.wuxiorient.com